High Performance Hub Motor Conversion Kit

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High Performance Hub Motor Conversion Kit

The wind rushes through your hair as you accelerate in silence past ordinary bikers, pedestrians and cars. The crisp smell of the mountain air is all you think about as you use your new e-bike to propel you to your destination. No sweat and no hills to worry about, just plain old fashioned fun! Bring a smile to your face and regain that love of riding with one our hub motor conversion kits.

The 2000W kit is our entry level kit, and in our opinion is the lowest power necessary for a true performance e-bike with a direct drive gearless motor. This 2000W system offers great hill climbing performance with either motor option, and is great fun! Unlike other lower power direct drive kits on the market, this 2000W system will have enough power to take you up hills confidently without ever worrying if you will have enough power to make it to the top. At the heart of this kit is the custom HPC air cooled brushless motor. For 2019, all of our motors now feature an aluminum stator for better heat transfer and increased corrosion resistance. Not only that, but we were able to put in even higher grade laminations that allow for less cogging torque, easier pedaling, and 3-4% higher peak efficiency over last years motors! This gearless powerhouse of a motor also has extra robust 14mm axles to handle offroad abuse.

We offer a high torque version (Striker), speed version (Thunderbolt), and high speed version (Black Lightning). See the table at the bottom of this page to compare motor systems and power levels. This is a complete kit and includes everything you need to convert your bike into a fully functioning, high power e-bike!

Choosing a Power Package

Higher Wattage (W) means more power! The 2000W system utilizes a 52v battery system that can provide more than 2.5 hp and can handle relatively steep grades. The 3000W and 4000W systems have over 4 and 5 hp respectively and the NEW 5000W system features a brand new wider stator with 5mm wider neodymium magnets and stator can deliver OVER 6.7 hp! ALL SYSTEMS ARE FOR OFFROAD USE ONLY ABOVE 750W! Please check your local laws and regulations.

We can offer kits well over 5,000W but you will have to call us to discuss your specific build! Standard bike frames will not hold up past 5,000W!

Choosing a Battery

New batteries from HPC are a special Lithium based tri-metal blend of Nickel Manganese and Cobalt or Li-NMC for short. These batteries are 30% lighter than the outgoing LiFePo4 batteries and deliver consistently higher voltages across the voltage range which translates into more speed and range. We can also build ANY pack you can dream of using the latest Samgung, Sanyo, or Sony high drain 18650's- just ask! If you want to build a 200+ mile range bike, it can be done, so let your imagination run wild!

Choosing a Charger

By default any battery system you purchase from us will come with a 2A Charger. This means that if you have a 10Ah battery system it will charge in about 5 hours. You can choose to upgrade to a 4A charger which is twice as fast and will charge in half the time (2.5 hours for a 10Ah pack). Finally the fastest charger we carry is a 6 Amp Charger which can charge in about 1.6 hours (or 3x as fast as the standard charger).

Choosing a Wheel Build

Choose the kit with the same size wheel as the bike you wish to convert. If you have a 26" bike you would like to convert then choose one of the 26" wheel options. Be sure to pick your preference of an all silver or all black wheel and the size. All of our wheel builds feature the best spokes (Sapim) you can find and very sturdy double walled aluminum rims. All wheels are hand built at our facility in Chatsworth, CA, and we use only Phil Wood spokes, cold rolled and cut on our Phil Wood spoke machine. Our wheel builders have 40+ years of combined wheel building experience. PLEASE SPECIFY AT CHECKOUT IF YOU REQUIRE A V-BRAKE COMPATIBLE RIM!

Choosing a Throttle

This is totally up to the end user- It comes down to personal preference do you prefer a motorcycle type twist grip throttle or a thumb throttle? 95% of our bikes come with a twist throttle if your shifters are thumb throttles Choosing a Freewheel- Choose the number of speeds on your freewheel based on the number of rear speeds on your bike. Most 21 speed bikes use a 7 speed freewheel 24 speed bikes use an 8 speed 27 speed bikes use a 9 speed freewheel and 30 speed bikes use a 10 speed freewheel.

Choosing a Rack/Bag system

We also offer our exclusive Frame Bag battery system. The frame bag allows a much more central weight balance These bags are hand made in the USA with exceptional attention to detail and make for an incredible ride! These new bags are waterproof, and fire retardant with nomex IIIA and kevlar on the inside. The bags feature lockable storage and hardshell sidewalls to protect from punctures. The huge upside is the huge battery capacity- on a frame with good clearance, a 100 mile range battery is possible! If you prefer a bolt on rear rack, we can do that as well! A rear rack and bag system is a no cost option. For 2019 we can also offer the hard case downtube battery like the one featured on our own HPC Scout or Titan E-Bikes.

E-Bike Diagnostic Computer

The E-Bike Diagnostic computer is a very useful tool for your electric bike and is highly recommended. It delivers vital information about your electric kit at your fingertips such as: speed, distance traveled, battery level, and Efficiency (measured in Wh/mile). It also allows you to limit your power level to your desired level so you can save battery. With this computer you have the ability to make any kit street legal!

Performance Stats:

2000W System: Thunderbolt High Speed Motor: 34 MPH, Striker High Torque Motor: 27 MPH (52V High Performance Li-NMC) *32 Mile MAX Range, battery weight: 8 lbs Motor Weight: 16 lbs (Gearless)

**Range Estimates are a maximum figure based on FLAT ground no pedaling 170 lb. rider 18-20 MPH steady cruise with standard 12.5Ah Li-NMC Battery System.** This upgraded kit includes EVERYTHING you need to convert your personal bike into a High Performance Electric bike!    

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