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USA Made Battery Systems

What good is your electric bike without a high performance battery? The battery is the single most important component on any electric vehicle and that is why we decided the only way to source the best battery systems would be if we made them ourselves. After years of R&D and hundreds of attempts at refining our building process and testing procedures, we are now able to produce the highest quality, best performing, and most reliable packs on the market. A better battery pack means higher top speeds, longer range, more charge cycles and most importantly, better safety. We offer battery packs in the following voltages: 37V, 48V, 52V, 63V, 74V, 78V, and 85V.

Pick Your Voltage

More voltage means more power and speed! You must know what voltage your controller is capable of handling. Most mass produced can handle up to 52V safely! We always recommend higher voltage if you controller can handle it since it will allow your system to run cooler and more efficient

Determine Power Requirements

How many amps does your controller draw both peak and continuously? Check the battery description to make sure it can sustain that continuous amperage rating of your controller. If not, shoot us an email and we will make something that will work for your application!

Determine Range Requirements

How much range do you need? In ideal conditions, most bike have an efficiency of 20Wh/mile. To get this number, multiply the battery's amps x the voltage to get watt-hours. For instance, a 48V 15AH pack contains 720Wh of energy which would equate to 36 miles in ideal conditions. If you are off road or in hilly conditions, that range number will be half that (or more!).

HPC Battery Comparison