About the Program

The HPC Factory Racing program was developed in 2019 to test our products in elite level competition and just happened to become the first American born and backed factory eMTB team competing on American made bikes. Featuring Class 1, Class 3, and Unlimited Class bikes, the HPC Factory Team aims to compete across several events across the United States. We believe e-bikes are the future and there is no better way to showcase this new technology than in a race environment and competing against some of the best athletes in the world! The knowledge our racing team provides for real world data and experiences is vital to our product development and technological improvements. Want to get involved or have questions?

All Team Related Business Inquiries: hpcfactoryracing@gmail.com

Team Director: Chad Loyd

The Team

Lance Nelson

Age: 24

Hometown: Quartz Hill, Ca

Social Media: @lancenelson_

Lance first threw his leg over an HPC bike in Early 2017, and established himself as the primary product tester ever since. He grew up racing motocross before getting into mountain biking after high school but before most recently focusing on downhill, eMTB, and overall freeriding. Confident in the air with a need for speed and a propensity for anything with two wheels, Lance is right at home racing electric bicycles. If he can’t break it, we know we are ready to release it! You may recognize him from a few of our YouTube videos and he has been an integral part of testing new products and bike designs. With several podium finishes last year under his belt, he's determined to bring home even more hardware in 2019!

Personal Sponsors: Fasthouse, Pit Viper, Melin, Space Brace, Hydrapak, The Created Gentleman, All Valley RV Center, Maggios Pizza Big Bear, Squeaky Wheel Bike Shop

Corey Valintino

Age: 21

Hometown: Agoura Hills, Ca

Social Media: @coryboy101

With only 3 years of mountain biking and downhill riding, Cory has made the most of his training to become a force to be reckoned with. 2019 was the first time Cory raced and it was a season he would never forget! Cory was able to garner an undefeated record for the 2019 season and we are thrilled to have Cory to be apart of the team! You will see Cory tearing up the trails and winning 1st place podiums on his 2019 stock Titan. A recent convert to e-bike riding, Cory started at HPC as an electrical wiring specialist and has worked his way up to become the lead electrical specialist at HPC.

Personal Sponsors: Maggios Pizza Big Bear


Race Schedule

Date:                       Event:                                                                                   Location:                 Class:                     Result:

  1.   3/17/19         California MTB Series Charged #2 (Bonelli Park)               San Dimas, Ca           Open                       1st
  2.   4/13/19         Haibike eMTB Race (Sea Otter Classic)                               Monterey, Ca             Pro                       17th
  3.   5/09/19         Pedalfest #1                                                                         Castiac, Ca                 Super Sport
  4.   5/16/19         Pedalfest #2                                                                         Castiac, Ca                 Super Sport
  5.   5/23/19         Pedalfest #3                                                                         Castiac, Ca                  Super Sport
  6.   5/30/19         Pedalfest #4                                                                         Castiac, Ca                 Super Sport
  7.   6/06/19         Pedalfest #5                                                                         Castiac, Ca                 Super Sport
  8.   6/16/19         Boogaloo #1                                                                         Vail, Co                         Pro