E-Bike Conversion Kits

At HPC, we are proud to offer the best performing and highest quality kits on the market. Featuring the most cutting edge drive systems, we can provide kits to suit the needs of nearly any individual. Each kit will come with everything you need to turn your bike into a high performance e-bike! All systems feature the our exclusive USA made battery systems to bring the performance and reliability to a whole new level. Worried about being street legal in your city/state/country? Have no worries! With the optional E-Bike computer you can limit any of our systems to comply with local laws in a matter of seconds.  

Hub Motor vs. Mid Drive

We always get the question, what is better? Hub motor or mid drive? Well that answer is not that easy to answer as they both have their advantages. Please look at the chart below to see what fits your needs better. Still don't know what to choose? Simply contact us and we will have use the information you provide us to determine what is the best system for you!

Which drive system is for me?

Choose a hub motor kit for mostly street riding, light off road or if you are looking to get as much speed and power as possible! With no moving parts to worry about breaking and less strain on the drive-train, the hub system is meant to last! Mid drives are lighter in weight (save about 6-9 lbs), have better weight distribution since they are mounted in the center of the bike and are better for very steep terrain, such as single track off road. The mid drive is able to utilize the bikes native gearing through the rear derailleur to give you both climbing power and decent overall speed.