Cycle Analyst V3 Intelligent LCD Display (w/ mount)

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Cycle Analyst V3 Intelligent LCD Display (w/ mount)
Cycle Analyst V3 Intelligent LCD Display (w/ mount)
Cycle Analyst V3 Intelligent LCD Display (w/ mount)
Cycle Analyst V3 Intelligent LCD Display (w/ mount)

Cycle Analyst V3 Intelligent LCD Display (w/ mount)

The Cycle Analyst V3 is the most feature packed display on the market. If you like data and control, this is the display for you! 

The V3 Cycle Analyst is the next step for the CA product line to not only monitor what is going on in an ebike, but also control it.  With the V3 Cycle Analyst, all the ebike signals, from your brake cutoffs to your throttle to your pedal sensor, are first intercepted at the Cycle Analyst. The CA then processes all of these inputs to determine how to control your bike, which it then does via one standard throttle output signal to the controller.

Here are some of the more popular features you can include by using the V3 CA as your central ebike/EV console:

  • Thermal Rollback: A temperatures sensor input allows the V3 Cycle Analyst to scale back power as a motor heats up and prevent overheating damage.
  • High Voltage: Systems (72V and above) with a PAS/Torque sensor directly connected to the CA's PAS input will very likely damage the CA and sometimes the PAS/torque sensor too. A DC-DC converter will be needed with some wiring. This is something you'll figure out on your own, though explained in section 5.10 of the detailed unofficial CA3 user manual.
  • PAS Sensor: The V3 Cycle Analyst can take the pedal pulse inputs of almost any ebike pedal rotation sensor to display your pedal cadence. It can use this to provide automatic power whenever you pedal (PAS mode) . 
  • Torque Sensor: There is an analog input to sense a pedal torque sensor (such as the THUN bottom bracket), display your human power input, and give proportional no-throttle pedalec control.
  • Ebrakes: A digital input for ebrake sensors to plug in directly to the CA3, without needing to run another set of cables all the way down the bike to the controller.
  • Throttle Input Mapping: The CA3 can map your input throttle range to an output range suitable for the controller in order to eliminate dead-band zones at the beginning and end of the throttle motion.
  • Throttle Modes: Setup your throttle in Pass-Thru mode for conventional voltage control, or have your throttle directly regulate the battery current or motor power instead. 
  • Throttle Ramps : Reduce the sensitivity and off-the-line kick of high power systems by setting ramp limits on the CA’s output throttle signal. 
  • On the fly Limit Adjustments: Use a potentiometer or multi-position switch to instantly adjust any of your current/power/speed or pedal assist limits. 
  • Mode Presets: Configure up to three distinct power mode presets each with their own limit settings and PAS/Throttle behaviors, and then easily switch between them with a double button press.
  • Battery SOC and LVC: Accurate State Of Charge (SOC) estimator based on your cell chemistry and voltage. Configure up to two batteries each with their own details and Low Voltage Cutoffs.

Plus many advanced capabilities to discover + volts, speed, amps, amp-hours, %regen, watt-hours/km etc.

One instruction often overlooked by new users is the importance of resetting the Cycle Analyst each time you start off with a fresh charge in the battery. This is done by pressing and holding the right button until the RESET message shows up.

 Reset the Cycle Analyst at the start of each new battery charge



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